Emerging Leaders


The vision for the Emerging Leaders Ministry is to serve as a prototype to address the important parish needs to train parish leaders in outreach and to create the environment that builds a cadre of new Church leaders to serve their communities; to offer students and seminarians the unique opportunity to learn side by side with a pastoral mentor to understand more fully service and the life of the Church; and to establish activities and strategies to respond to contemporary professionals who seek to engage more fully with the Church and connect with their peers.

Emerging Leaders Survey

The Metropolis of Boston asks for your input and thought about the life and ministries of the Church. Your feedback will guide us as we work to design programs that engage contemporary professionals in the life and leadership of the Church towards their own growth in the Faith and in their walk with Christ. We want to design programs to meet the real needs of you as individuals and as parish communities. All data collected are used for program design purposes and all responses will remain anonymous.

To learn more about this crucial ministry, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chancellor’s Office of the Metropolis of Boston. Thank you!

This initiative is being funded by a grant from Leadership 100 to the Metropolis of Boston.

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