Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos

Minutes - October 1, 2013

Meeting was brought to order at 6:45pm

Metropolitan Methodios opened the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer.

All new and old members introduced themselves.

Members in attendance: Susan Alvanos, Yannoula Ballassi, Philippa Condakes, Kiki Feldmar, Stella Kazantzas, Elaine Kevgas, Frances Levas, Georgia Lagadinos, Elipiniki Mavredakis, Eleni Pantelis, Bessie Papigiotis, Marianne Phelan, Denise Reed, Eleni Stamboulidis, Diane Stamatopulos, Maria Tamvakologos, , Sandra Zervos, and Elaine Zetes.  (not present: Alexandra Coios Dimou, Irene Stefanakos and Cleopatra Tsolas)

The executive board for the 2013 to 2015 term is as follows:

President:                                Frances Levas

First Vice President                Georgia Lagadinos

Second Vice President            Eleni Stamboulidis

Treasurer                                Elaine Zetes

Assistant Treasurer                 Marianne Phelan

Corresponding Secretary        Diane Stamatopulos

Recording Secretary               Maria Tamvakologos


In his opening remarks, the Metropolitan stated the mission of Philoptochos and the important work that is accomplished by Philoptochos.  His Eminence remarked on the boards success over the past few years with projects such as reaching out to the Veterans, Operation Lace Up and Pine Street Inn and stated that with new people on the board and new ideas we should not only be reaching out to the Greek Orthodox community but to the community at large.

Treasurer’s report:  Diane Stamatopulos presented the current financials for the Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos.  Current assets as of September 30, 2013 are $69,602.87.  The checking account opening balance as of May 11, 2013 (last meeting) was $18,225.28 and total income from May 11, 2013 to September 30, 2013 is $14,073.00.  Total disbursements for the mentioned time period were $17,645.07 and the ending balance was $11,421.95.  The Philoxenia report had an opening balance of $4,339.88 on May 11, 2013 and an ending balance of $3,543.27 on October 1, 2013.  The Faith & Heritage Center report had an opening balance of $5,780.98, total disbursement of $6500, net income of $5,275 and an ending balance of $508.17 from May 11, 2013 to September 30, 2013.

 Georgia Lagadinos distributed a flyer to all board members that will also be distributed to all chapters regarding the mission to assist homeless veterans who transition to independent living in coordination with the Department of Veteran Affairs.  The flyer contains a wish list of high priority items that are to complete a housewarming basket.  Logistics on picking up and dropping off baskets will be figured out in the near future.


Elaine Kevgas made a motion to nominate Elaine Zetes for treasurer.  Elaine Zetes accepted. 

 Upcoming events:

--Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon  October 12, 2013   (Metropolis Board always sponsors the event with $1000 that is in our budget)


 Respectfully submitted,

Maria Tamvakologos, Recording Secretary