Metropolis Philoptochos Meeting Minutes October 29, 2011

Meeting was brought to order at 9:50AM.

Metropolitan Methodios opened the meeting with the Lord'sPrayer.

All members introduced themselves.


Members in attendance: Philippa Condakes, Frances Levas, Georgia Lagadinos, Jane Deimezis,Eleni Pantelis, Diane Stamatopulos, Diane Miminos, Helen Argeris, Vicki Helali, Kiki Feldmar, EleniGiannakis, Eleni Glaropoulos, Frances McInnis, Barbara Orlando, StephaniePanagos, Marianne Phelan, Eleni Stamboulidis, Maria Tamvakologos.

Jane Deimezis presented the minutes from 9/24/11. A motion was made by DianeMiminos to waive reading of the minutes and seconded by Marianne Phelan. Two spelling corrections were made and motionto accept the minutes as corrected was made by Eleni Stamboulidis. Seconded byFrances Levas

Correspondence-Eleni Pantelis

November 12, Moseleys GOYA ReunionSunday, November 27, Holy Trinity Church, Lowell- Holiday Table Top festival. $40 per person. Contact Philippa if interested in attending

Treasurer's report-Diane Stamatopulos

Sovereign Checking account balance $27,853.83Faith and Heritage account balance $276.06Philoxenia House account balance $2789.63

We are working on resolving a bank fee of $30 by combiningall accounts uniformly under the Metropolis of Boston name.

Philoptochos retreat at the Faith and Heritage Centerdate has been set for March 30/31 2012. Barbara Orlando volunteered to chair the retreat. Save the date notice will be sent to allchapters.

Christmas gathering date has been set for December 18, 2011. As usual it will include a Yankee swap. Frances Levas and Eleni Pantelis will chairthe event.

Sophia Nibi's retirement reception will be Sunday, November 6, 2011, from 4-6pm at the Cathedral Center.There was discussion about how Philoptochos can honor Sophia and all of heryears of dedication. It was decided thata donation to the Philoxenia House would be the most appropriate and it wouldinclude naming a room after her. Theexecutive board will discuss the exact amount of the donation and the detailsof the room naming.

Board Orientation- review of manual. This manual is a reference tool and a placeto keep minutes, financial reports, etc.

President Condakes reviewed all aspects of the Philoptochosmanual. She stressed the importance ofreading the Mission Statement as a reminder of what Philoptochos reallyis. Responsibilities of board membersinclude chairing the committees of the Metropolis and being the liaison betweenMetropolis and chapters. All ministrieswere reviewed. The financial reportswill be posted to the website along with minutes.

Committee reports:

Philoxenia House-Maria Tamvakalogos

Porch needs repairNew oven is neededThe house is expected to be full for the next 2-3 months including guests from Cypress, Albania, Romania, Ukraine, among others.There was discussion about sponsoring an event there and decided that it would be more appreciated after the holidays.Since the retirement of Sophia, any one wishing to organize visits should contact Father Ted or His Eminence

Faith and Heritage- Barbara Orlando

Camp was full all summer with a long waiting listNew infirmary is openNovember commitment letter will be going out to chapters

Pine Street/Outreach- Georgia Lagadinos

Pine Street dates are set for Thursday, January 19, 2012, Tuesday, March 6, and Thursday, April 26. The women's group is served which is usually 70-90 ladies. For each service date 2 volunteers are need to cook, and 2 volunteers to serve.Service dates may be added at Pine Street Satellite locationshopeFound has a new wish list which Georgia will distribute among board members. Metropolitan Methodios suggested that we prepare a letter to all chapters to give them suggestions of who in their area is in need. Chapters need to step up to the increased need in our metropolis. He suggested that Philoptochos need to enhance their ministries. Examples were given of reaching out to college student with care packages.Eleni Pantelis spoke of a program through her bank which helps people in transition learn budgeting and financial planning. She offered to extend this program to Kitty Dukakis Center

Unfinished Business:

Many chapters still not ratified. Chapter presidents/new officers workshop Saturday November 19, 2011 9-12 am. Georgia Amanatidis is the registration chair.

New Business:

St Andrews Vespers – Eleni Pantelis and Jane Deimezis will chair the eventBiennial fund raiser: need to begin working on ideas and dates for the fall 2012. It was suggested to have a brainstorming session.Oratorical Festival: Eleni Giannakis, Vicki Helali, and Diane Stamatopulos will chair

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Deimezis, Recording Secretary