National Philoptochos Society Center of Philanthropy

Opening of the Doors Luncheon

Atlanta, Georgia

March 17, 2012

Philippa Condakes, Metropolis President, Aphrodite Skeadas, National President, Christine Karavites, National Philoptochos Board Member and Past Metropolis President


On Saturday, March 17, 2012, the Metropolis of Atlanta hosted a luncheon at the Drud Hills Golf Club, Atlanta, Georgia.  This Luncheon was held to raise funds for the Center for Philanthropy for National Philoptochos.  The event was attende by over 300 people including representatives from the Metropolis of Boston National Board Members.  Representing the Metropolis of Boston were Christine Karavites, Barbara Orlando, Yiota Simoglou, Daphne Zaralidis and Philippa Condakes, Metropolis Philoptochos President.  The Event honored milestones in the Metropolis of Atlanta Philoptochos and all past Metropolis Presidents were recognized as well as former National President from the Metropolis of Atlanta, Mimi Skandalakis.  The Guest Speaker for the Luncheon was Alicia Philipp, the President of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.  This organization is one of the largest and fasted growing philanthropic service organizations in the nation.  His Emminence Metropolitan Alexios greeted the guests and thanked all the women of Philoptochos for thier unending work for the Church.