Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos Biennial Conference

2011 Biennial Conference

St. Catherine Church, Braintree, MA

June 4, 2011

On Saturday June 4, 2011 the Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos held it's Biennial Conference at St. Catherine Church in Braintree, Massachussetts.  His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios opened the conference with a prayer.  Barbara Orlando, Conference Chair, welcomed those in attendance.  His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios extended greetings and thanked the Metropolis Board for their service over the last two years. 

Father Ted Barbas, Chancellor of the Metropolis, and Father Philippe Mousis, St. Catherine Church also greeted the attendees. 

National Philoptochos President Aphrodite Skeadas was our guest for the Conference.  Aphrodite expressed her heartfelt thanks for the support of all Philoptochos Women.  She spoke of 80 years of Philoptochos and how Philoptochos women can make a difference globally as ambassadors in their own churches and by donations world wide.  President Skeadas also reported on the home of the National Philoptochos.  Since 2009, the National Philoptochos has not had a home for their offices and are actively searching to purchase real estate so Philoptochos can establish the Philoptochos Center for Philanthropy.

The attendees included 54 voting delegates representing 17 chapters.  This is the opportunity for all chapters to have a voice in the happenings of the Metropolis and National Philoptochos.  It is important for as many chapters to have representation at these conferences so that we may truly be a united body in all of our endeavors.

Reports were given on the ministries in the Metropolis including the St. Methodios Faith and Heritage Center, Philoxenia House, FOS, Social Services, Membership as well as a detailed financial report and budget for the coming two years.  The Metropolis Philotochos President's report was also given.

A presentation was made by Christine Karavites, Past Metropolis President and National Board Member, to explain the appeal for the Center for Philanthropy which would house the offices of the National
Philoptochos.  To date, $1.2 million has been raised toward a goal of $4 million.  The Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos was happy to present a check for $1000 to President Skeadas for the Philoptocho Center for Philanthropy.

The Metropolis was foturnate to have Kathy Gabriel and Diane Tseckares, both of the Philoptochos National Board to make a presentation on increasing membership.  It is as simple as one woman asking another to care.  Membership depends on the personal touch and invitation to become a member.

Elections were held for the Metropolis Board for the term 2011 - 2013.  Each area can elect two representatives.  The results of the elections were as follows:

Area 1: Alexandra Coios Dimou and Cleopatra Tsolas

Area 2: Eleni Glaropoulos and Eleni Pantelis

Area 3: Frances McInnis and Kiki Feldmar

Area 4: Vicky Helali

Area 5: No Candidates

Area 6: Marianne Phelan and Helen Quinn Argeris

Area 7: No Candidates

Area 8: No Candidates

In response to the letter written by Metropolitan Methodios expressing concern for those hurt or left homeless by the devestating tornados in Western Massachusetts.   A $2000 donation toward the
relief cause was motioned and was passed unanimously.  A check for $2000 was given to the releif fund under the direction of the St. George Cathedral in Springfield, Massachusetts.

In his closing remarks, Metropolitan Methodios expressed his gratitude and pride toward the Holy Trinity Church in Manchester, NH for hosting a neighboring shelter which burned down last month. Since the fire, the church has been serving 2 meals a day – seven days a week.

The Conference was informative and achieved its goals.  It was a wonderful time to visit the St. Catherine Church.  A heartfelt thanks goes to Becky Pappas, Philoptochos President, and the entire chapter for their hospitality and all that they did to help make the conference a success.

 For all materials distributed please download the Complete Biennial Conference Report.