Transfiguration (Lowell) Philoptochos Ladies Spend Afternoon at Philoxenia House

The beautiful autumn weather was enhanced on Sunday afternoon, October 25 at the Philoxenia House when four ladies from the Transfiguration Parish in Lowell, MA visited with the residents.  Patricia Mahoney, Melanie Pappas, Susan Pappas and Eleni Stavrou spent the afternoon there, met the children and adults who are currently being treated in Boston, and enjoyed the delicous pasticho and salad the ladies brought along with many other goodies.  As is always the case when visitors meet the residents, bonds were formed which will last for years to come.

Patricia Mahoney, left, and Eleni Stavrou, right, enjoyed meeting George, 3 1/2 months, and Maria, 22 months from Athens, and their parents.


Eleni Stavrou holds little Maria who is here with her dad for serious vision problems.

A family affair:  Residents and guests enjoyed a delicious meal in the dining room of the Philoxenia House.  Everyone feels at home in the hospitable residence which is, a Metropolitan Methodios established it to be, an Orthodox Home of Hope, a Home Away from Home.

Even though they met for the first time, Paraskevas, a patient, and Melanie Pappas from the Transfiguration Parish, Eleni Stavrou, seated left, a Transfiguration Philoptochos Woman, and Yiota, the mother of one of the infants currently in the residence felt like a family after spending an afternoon together.