Visitors and Food are Enjoyed by Philoxenia House Residents

Food plays a key role in the life of the Philoxenia House residents.  They all have their unique recipes and they enjoy preparing the meals.  Delicious food is also brought in by the many who visit who enjoy sharing a meal and fellowship with their newfound family.  Many visit and bring pizzas, always enjoyed with a great Greek salad, especially the horiatiki!  During good weather, outdoor cooking is the norm, made even more pleasant by Greek music.  The patients and those who accompany them also share their stories, their concerns, their fears, their hopes, their appreciation, and their sorrows.  On October 15, the mother of a young boy, Alexandros, who stayed in the residence during a bone marrow transplant in 2008 and who, sadly, has left this life,  visited Boston for a few days to participate in a special program at Children's Hospital where Alexandros was treated.  The mother spoke with Metropolitan Methodios and in a most inspiring way recalled "the good times" her son had while at the Philoxenia House.  She told the Metropolitan that event though Alexandros is no longer in this life, her family considers the Philoxenia House their home, and all they met during their stay in Boston their family.