Metropolis of Boston Holds Stewardship Training Seminar led by Mr. Bill Marianes


BOSTON - On Friday, October 4th, over 140 clergy, parish council members, and faithful stewards from parishes throughout the Metropolis of Boston gathered at the Annunciation Church in Woburn, MA for a day-long Stewardship Training Seminar led by Mr. Bill Marianes of Ministries. In his presentation, Mr. Marianes informed participants of his key findings and statistics discovered over his 12 years of researching parish stewardship information representing all Metropolises and Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States. Participants were encouraged to spread the notion that through the giving of their time, talent, and treasures, they fulfill a number of Christ’s commandments. Through a 15-step process, these parish leaders were instructed on how to create a culture of true Christian stewardship in their home communities. Mr. Marianes encouraged participants to explore his resources on

The Metropolis and Bill Marianes are both receiving many emails and texts with much positive feedback from many of the participants.  Many parishes have asked Mr. Marianes if he would return to their Community to further assist them along the road of Stewardship.  Below are a few excerpts of some of the feedback:

“What a fantastic presentation! You offered so much great info in such an inspired manner. I remember when I heard you speak years ago here in Boston I said that you have the Spirit of God with you guiding and inspiring you. I truly thank God for your ministry.   On the way home I’ve been discussing your talks with my stewardship chairperson and I really want to implement some of the specific ideas you offered to God’s glory. But I have lots of questions about it....Can we arrange a time to talk?”

- A Parish Priest

"I just want to write to say that I enjoyed the seminar very much and it exceeded my expectations.  I am greatly inspired by your program and believe we can start discussing it here and start the bottom rung of the pyramid.  I am new to my position and an intentional convert. It will be a long journey for sure, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity coinciding with my new position." 

- Parish Stewardship Chairperson.

"I am so gratified that His Eminence brought you (Bill Marianes) and that I attended. It gives me encouragement about our potential as a Metropolis. My intention is to put your nine step stewardship program into practice. I hope you hear the same from other priests, and I believe our chances of success will be multiplied if we meet together regularly to discuss and share on multiple levels how it’s going. Change is hard...... I think if there was a peer group of priests all committed to this, we could help each other through it. Please let me know if you become aware of other priests who are interested in truly implementing the program you have presented. Perhaps when we talk on the phone next. Please send availability times for us to talk to you on the phone. Thank you so much for offering this. While The conversation is still fresh, it would be great for us to bring a message to the rest of the Parish Council and our stewardship team about the transformative power of generosity and the hope of teaching that generosity by careful planning, generous leaders’ example, and personal witness." 

- A Parish Priest

His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, in his remarks to those present, thanked Mr. Marianes for his encouraging and inspiring presentation and the Annunciation Parish for the wonderful hospitality they offered in hosting the seminar.  The Metropolitan thanked the clergy and parish leaders who scheduled their day to spend in a training seminar to further advance the good work of the local parish.   The Metropolitan expressed his appreciation to all in attendance for their faithful and dedicated service of leadership to the Church.

In his message following the two-day Boston tour, Bill Marianes wrote:

"What an amazing day serving the Metropolis of Boston and His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios at a packed house, standing room only full-day Igniting The Flame of True Christian Stewardship and Generosity for all the parishes in the Metropolis of Boston. The dedication and enthusiasm of all those who attended was so refreshing. The questions were phenomenal and the willingness to discuss, and even try,  the 15 proven stewardship strategies gave us all renewed hope.   “Those who have ears, let them hear” says Holy Scripture. And today, many heard and many committed to transformation and a change of culture. May their efforts be blessed." 

- Bill Marianes

For more infomation and to see the presentaions offered at this seminar, visit:

Bill Marianes of Ministries