"Leave it to MBC staff to make virtual camp so fun! "
- MBC Parent
WEEK 2 - Virtual Camp #ASummerToRemember
"From what we can see and from what the kids have told us...It is clear that you and staff have put in a great amount of time and effort to provide such an engaging and meaningful program. For that, we are very thankful to you all." - MBC Parent
Session One of the Metropolis of Boston Camp’s - Separate...But United! Virtual Camp experience is coming to a close. The dedicated Staff Team has been working tirelessly to make Virtual Camp 2020 engaging and entertaining for all the campers. Every morning and evening, the Camp comes together to offer prayers and hymns that are familiar to the campers. The campers of our Metropolis have been participating in Orthodox Life Sessions, led by our wonderful Metropolis clergy, on topics that pertain to love, self control, prayer and joy - basic Christian themes that ignite thoughtful discussions and engaging questions. 
Each morning, our campers have been greeted with hilarious skits offered by our Staff Members during our Camp News Station segment “Good Morning MBC.” The Staff at MBC have included many other fun and exciting activities during our morning session, such as icon drawing, Greek Music and Culture sessions, virtual athletics, ZOOM-ba, and scavenger hunts. 
One of the huge hits for our Virtual Camp program is our “MBC Survivor” series, in which staff competed in competitions to “outwit, outplay, and outlast” each other. The campers joined in the fun by rooting for their favorite competitor, and casting votes towards who they wanted to be eliminated. 
Our evening activities included games of Kahoot trivia, a simulated and virtual game of “Clue,” a thrilling watermelon explosion competition, and a virtual take on our typical “Loud” and “Quiet” campfire. The Staff have helped our campers dive into the lives of the Saints through our Spiritual Journey sessions, and have been encouraging campers to share openly about things they are currently experiencing during evening devotionals.
The Staff is ready so excited to have been able to spend time with their campers during Session One and they cannot wait to have an awesome Session Two! 
Balloon Challenge - MBC SURVIVOR Session 1 Episode 1
"Iconography from Afar"Session
Example Schedule
9:30 am: Morning Prayer and Alone With God 
10:00 am: Morning News!
10:15 am: Interactive Activity
(video challenges, trivia, crafts & more)
11:15 am: Orthodox Life
12:00 pm: Break Until Evening
6:30 pm: Evening Prayer
7:00 pm: Spiritual Journey!
7:20 pm: Evening Activity (Joy Goodnight!)
8:30 pm: GOYA Devotional
9:30(ish) pm: GOYA Goodnight!