St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center

The Metropolis of Boston Camp is entering its 25th year of providing an experience to thousands of youth from the Greek Orthodox community of New England and beyond.  Youth camping and adult retreats give people a place to get away from their daily lives, to retreat to the woods, to learn, and to expand their horizons.  Year-round and summer camp programs provide recreation and fun for people of all ages. The goal of our camp is to produce young people who are the future leaders in their community, country, and society.

Capital Improvements

The capital improvements to St. Methodios Center in recent years have seen some striking developments in the facility as well.  Both the visible and below-ground/hidden infrastructure upgrades are a great source of wonderment and pride for all who visit here. Our upper basketball court donated in memory of James Condakes by his family is made of the newest and best flooring materials and construction that will serve our young athletes for many years to come.  Its blue color, noted by many, is reminiscent of our Greek heritage.

The Alpha Omega Council and the George Haseotes Family teamed up to construct a brand-new soccer field. In its few short years here, the soccer field has been the setting for many activities including soccer games enjoyed by our youth and the Boston Soccer Camp run by the well-known professional Greek Soccer Team OLYMPIAKOS. 

Four new double cabins were constructed in 2016 to bring the total number of year-round beds in cabins to 202 for campers and staff.  One building was donated in memory of Leo and Eve Condakes and the other from a portion of the generous grant from Catherine Pappas.  The two new doubles were built with energy efficiency in mind.   They are complete with handicapped accessibility, private bathroom facilities and walk out basements that allow for additional meeting and storage space. While constructing these buildings, the State of NH Alteration of Terrain Permit required upgrades to the septic and drainage systems in the area of the two buildings. We are happy to report that all electrical lines in the vicinity of the cabins are underground and all the cabins are tied into septic fields that we have constructed since the year 2000.

The George K. Menichios American Legion Post constructed an Open-Air Pavilion with plenty of park bench seating to accompany their donation of three flagpoles which they set when the property was purchased in 1998.   This shaded gathering space located in the donor park directly across from the waterfront is used by Metropolis of Boston Campers as well as other groups that gather here on both hot and rainy camp days. 

George and Margo Behrakis continued their legacy work by retiring the Retreat House mortgage and spearheading the team to construct a new administration building.  Al Masone of Lynn, MA, through his relationship with the Behrakis Family, offered the architectural plans pro-bono and were quickly approved by the town.  The building, a historical replica of the 1806 Cloughville  home, affords office space for year-round St. Methodios administration as well as Metropolis of Boston Camp staff during all weeks and weekends of MBC throughout the year.  The MBC staff lounge in the finished lower level offers a place for staff to take a break during the busy camp schedule. The new building also has an office for the Metropolitan and clergy as well as a parlor/conference room. A back-up generator is in place in the case of summer and winter storms encountered in New England, so that we can remain up and running with electricity and internet, assuring communication and safety for all.  The office administration building was completed and furnished in early 2019.


The need and want for indoor and year-round recreation space have been evident for many years. Plans have been developed for a gym/fieldhouse with basketball and multisport options. The location forms a triangle with the Retreat House and the Dining Room the two largest and most used buildings on the property.

Emergency Action Plan

St. Methodios Center in cooperation with the Metropolis of Boston Camp, Hopkinton Police Chief Steve Pecora and New Hampshire Department of Emergency Management has begun work on a prototype shelter-in-place procedure for both natural disaster and hostile situations. Given that the camp is an open campus, the need for this program is great and will involve further study and funding.

Alteration of Terrain Permit (AoT)

The final phase of our above mentioned AoT Permit includes the removal of all remaining structures on the original property in disrepair or in need of replacement.  These include all storage buildings to be consolidated into one Physical Plan Warehouse/Barn for the entire facility.  An Emilie LaFontaine Memorial Arts and Crafts building for summer camp and year-round fine arts will be a welcomed addition.  The two beautiful waterfront houses will be replaced in kind as donors and families come forward to replace these cabins in extremely valuable waterfront lots.

Orthodox Church of America holds its 10th annual rally at MBC
Ten Parishioners from throughout the Metropolis of Boston clear trails for the Metropolis of Boston "Day of Service"
NH Highlands holds its 7th annual Scottish Dance Festival at MBC

Welcome to the St. Methodios Faith and Heritage Center where our hospitality reminds you of being in a village in our homeland of Greece. We are proud to celebrate our Greek and our American Heritage. Enjoy 191 acres of woods lands nestled between two lakes with a pristine brook between them.

We can accomodate groups of all ages and sizes.

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Flexible Programs

Plan your own event for people of all ages or we'll plan it with you: Classes, Retreats, Camps, Picnics, Conferences, Day(s) and/or Overnight, Parties, Weddings, Meetings, Seminars

Featured Buildings

The Tournas Family Recreation Hall
The interior of Condakes Refectory and the exterior of the Saint George Chapel.
  • Our 4,000 sq. ft. dining hall and multifunction room allows for our guests to enjoy prepared meals by our staff or to prepare their own meals. Please contact us about our various menus.
  • Our 2,000 sq. ft. recreation hall provides ample space for evening activities and for indoor activities on rainy days.
  • Our 2,000 sq. ft. chapel is best for church services, reflections, music, discussions, and lectures.

Featured Housing

 Our cabins provide ample space and comfort for our guests.

Combined, our new or renovated cabins can hold up to 140 people year-round

Each cabin can comfortably hold 12-18 people and all facilities are contained within the cabins


Canoeing and skiing are just two of the many recreational activities available to you through our Faith and Heritage Center.
  • Walking/Hiking Trails
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • Snowshoeing
  • Skiing ( for more information)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music
  • Many sports and athletic equipment
  • Toys and swing set for younger children