2020 Triodion and Lenten Resource Guides

The Triodion marks the beginning of a time of preparation for the spiritual journey of Great and Holy Lent, a time for Orthodox Christians to draw closer to God through worship, prayer, fasting, and acts of charity. The Triodion is the liturgical book that contains the services from this Sunday, the tenth before Pascha (Easter), to Great and Holy Saturday. Continue Reading »


Catechetical Homily at the opening of Holy and Great Lent 2020 ✠ His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

We offer hymns of thanks to the God of love as once again we enter Holy and Great Lent, the arena of ascetic struggle, fasting and abstinence, of vigilance and spiritual awareness, of guarding our senses and prayer, of humility and self-knowledge. We are commencing a new and blessed pilgrimage toward Holy Pascha, which has “opened for us the gates of paradise.” In Church and as Church, as we behold the Risen Lord of glory, we all journey together along the way of deification by grace that leads to the heavenly goods “prepared by God for those who love Him” (1 Cor. 2:9). Continue Reading »


Metropolis of Boston Camp GOYA Winter Camp 2020 - A Great Success!

From Friday, February 14 – Monday, February 17, 2020 the Metropolis of Boston Camp held its annual GOYA Winter Camp. The over 200 campers and staff were able to have a weekend retreat surrounded by the picturesque winter landscape on New Hampshire. Continue Reading »


Εορτή των Ελληνικών Γραμμάτων 2020 - Ιερά Μητρόπολις Βοστώνης

Την Κυριακή, 26η Ιανουαρίου 2020 επ’ ευκαιρία της εορτής των Τριών Ιεραρχών ο Σύνδεσμος Ελλήνων Εκπαιδευτικών της Ιεράς Μητροπόλεως Βοστώνης, παρουσίασε την ετήσια εορτή των Γραμμάτων. Continue Reading »


Archpastoral Visit to St. Gregory the Theologian in Mansfield, MA

On Sunday January 26, 2020 His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios visited the St. Gregory Parish in Mansfield, MA on the occasion of their feast day. Continue Reading »

Our Metropolis

His Eminence Methodios, Metropolitan of Boston, is the spiritual leader of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston. The Metropolis, whose offices are located in Brookline, Massachusetts, consists of 63 parishes which minister to the needs of approximately 200,000 Greek Orthodox faithful. Learn More »

The Voice of Orthodoxy: Weekly Radio Sermons

Radio Sermon by Rev. Fr. Vassilios Bebis & Rev. Fr. Luke A. Veronis

Father Vassilios Bebis reflects upon life of Saint Eleftherios who is commemorated today, and Father Luke A. Veronis reflects upon this Sunday's Gospel reading from Luke 14:16-24. Listen »


Weekly Sermon by Fr. Luke A. Veronis

The Kingdom of God as a Celebration

Christmas day – how will you celebrate? Will you gather with family and friends, eating a great feast, listening to music, and enjoying one another’s company? Think of the happiest moments of your life and reflect on the type of celebrations you had. One thing we can say about all humanity, the world over, and that is we all love to celebrate. Continue Reading »


Daily Reflections by Fr. Andrew Demotses

In the Nativity narrative of St. Matthew, we are introduced to the shadowy and mysterious figures known as the Maji or wisemen, who studied the stars and came from the East to Jerusalem. Listen »