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Support the Philoxenia House - Fall 2017 Wish List

The Philoxenia House is a Home of Hope for many brethren who come to Boston for Medical reasons. Click on the link below to access the 2017 Fall Philoxenia House Wish List.

2017 Philoxenia House Wish List


Highlights from October 21st Metropolis Philoptochos Board Meeting

His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, Chairman of the Metropolis Philoptochos Board, opened the regular meeting on Saturday, October 21st with a prayer.  President Elaine Zetes addressed two overarching goals for the coming year: improving and strengthening communications with the Chapters and increasing and strengthening the financial stability of the Metropolis Philoptochos.

As a first step towards improved communications, the website and Facebook pages will undergo a refresh, led by 2nd Vice President Eleni Stamboulidis and Recording Secretary Irene Stefanakos.  Increased financial stability includes plans for a fundraiser to be held on Thursday evening, April 12, 2018, at St. Demetrios Church in Weston, MA.  Athena Kalyvas was named event chair, with assistance from Theresa Nibi and other Board members.  Further details will be announced.

The Board received updates on several of its ministries.  Maria Tamvakologos, Operations Liaison to the Philoxenia House, reported on the current status of the House and their needs. A suggestion was made to publish a wish list for items of recurring need. The Wish List is now posted on

As soon as confirmations of chapter ratifications are received from National Philoptochos, President Zetes will be contacting the Chapter Presidents with information about the new Metropolis Board and about recent changes voted on and approved at last June’s Biennial Conference: the Metropolis Social Services commitment to begin in October 2018 and the $5.00 increase to the Metropolis per capita starting in 2018.

As a reminder, November’s Chapter commitment is St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center. As Veteran’s Day nears, Chapters are asked to contribute goods or monetary donations to the Operation Housewarming Appeal. Lastly, all are invited to celebrate St. Andrew’s Vespers on November 29 at the Metropolis Center, followed by installation of the new Metropolis Board, and a reception hosted by Co-chairs Kiki Feldmar, Litsa Stamoulis, and Eleni Pantelis, with assistance from the Board members.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Elaine Zetes at or call her at 781-598-1333.

Watch this website for updates and also check out our Facebook page at



Monday, October 2, 2017

2017 - 2019 Metropolis Philoptochos Board appointments announced

His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, Chairman of the Metropolis Philoptochos Board, announced the following appointments on Saturday, September 30, at the Board’s first meeting of the new ecclesiastical year.

The Executive Committee, with Metropolitan Methodios as Chair, is comprised of President Elaine Zetes, First Vice President Georgia Lagadinos, Second Vice President Eleni Stamboulidis, Corresponding Secretary Maria Tamvakologos, Recording Secretary Irene Stefanakos, and Advisor Frances Levas.  Board members from chapters across the Metropolis are Aleka Akriviellis, Calliope Badavas, Debbie Ciejek, Alexandra Coios Dimou, Kiki Feldmar, Amy Kalogeropoulos, Athena Kalyvas, Stella Kazantzas, Sharon Konstantinidis, Elpiniki Mavredakis, Theresa Nibi, Eleni Pantelis, Diane Stamatopulos, Evangelia Stamoulis, and Cleopatra Tsolas. The term of office runs from September 2017 through August 2019.

The Board discussed their work plan for the coming year, including these upcoming events: on November 29, St. Andrew’s Vespers will be celebrated at the Metropolis Center, followed by installation of the new Board and a reception hosted by the Metropolis Philoptochos; a Veterans’ Housewarming Basket Appeal will be issued in November; and a fundraiser will be held in March 2018, with details to follow soon.  Watch this website for updates and check out our Facebook page at


2017 Philoptochos Biennial Conference


The Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos held their Biennial Conference on June 17, 2017 at the Cathedral Center in Brookline.  Greetings and opening remarks were extended by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, Rev. Fr Demetrios Tonias, Cathedral Dean, Calliope Galatis, president of the Annunciation Cathedral Philoptochos and Frances Levas, Metropolis President.

Irene Stefanakos, co-chair welcomed all the delegates and thanked them for their attendance.  Elaine Zetes, co –chair presented the roll call and credentials confirming that there were 20 chapters registered, 38 chapter delegates, 1 National board delegate, 17 Metropolis board delegates and 5 guests.

The newly ordained Rev Fr Ioannis Michaelidies, the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and the Metropolis of Boston Camp updated the delegates on the exciting opportunities for our youth, The Olympiacos Soccer team and the Cosmos Project from Greece and all the youth ministries within our Metropolis. He asked all the Philoptochos delegates in attendance to continuously encourage our youth to get involved.

Paulette Geanacopoulos from the National Philoptochos Office, who is a licensed social worker spoke about the social services and how she vets all clients from within the Archdiocesan District and the Metropolises. There are many people who need a little help to get through the rough spots. 

The business portion of the meeting continued with reports from the president and all the metropoli

s ministries. The financial report was presented along with the 2017-2019 budget which was approved by the delates. 

The election procedures were explained by former president Philippa Condakes.  Elections took place with the following results:

Area 1:     Alexandra Coios Dimou and Cleopatra Tsolas

Area 2:      Athena Kalyvas and Evangelia Stamoulis

Area 3:      Kiki Feldmar and Eleni Stamboulidis

Area 4:     Amy Kalogeropoulos and Irene Stefanakos

Area 5:     Debbie Ciejek and Sharon Konstantinides

Area 6:

Area 7:   Elaine Zetes and Diane Stamatopulos

Area 8:   Stella Kazantas and Elipiniki Mavredakis

Congratulations to the newly elected board. The balance of the Metropolis Board will be appointed by His Eminence in September.

Elaine Zetes presented bouquets of flowers to Calliope Galatis, President of the Annunciation thanking her for her hospitality and to outgoing president Frances Levas thanking her for her leadership. His Eminence spoke about the importance of the Philoptochos and thanksed all the delegates for their commitment.

The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, Inc. was established in November 1931 by the late Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I as the philanthropic arm of the Church. The successful establishment of the Society in New England took place at a Conference convened at the Annunciation Cathedral in Boston in July of 1955 with officers and members of the five greater Boston Philoptochos chapters. Today, the Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos Society is comprised of 42 chapters in the parishes served by the Metropolis of Boston.

The word "Philoptochos", meaning "friend of the poor", aptly describes this multi-faceted organization whose philanthropy extends not only to families in need, the sick and the elderly, but to programs and institutions in our communities, our Holy Archdiocese and Ecumenical Patriarchate. The philanthropic endeavors of the Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society is a genuine expression of love and Christian Charity. This expression of love is evident in the multitude of meaningful programs and services that reach those in need on a local, national and global level.






Mission Statement


The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, Inc., is the duly accredited women's philanthropic society of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The mission of the Society shall be:

  • To aid the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, t he handicapped, the victims of disasters, to undertake the burial of impoverished persons and to offer assistance to anyone who may need the help of the Church through fund raising efforts; and
  • To promote the charitable, benevolent, and philanthropic purposes of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, through instructional programs, presentations, lectures, seminars and other educational resources; 
  • To preserve and perpetuate Orthodox Christian concepts and the Orthodox Christian Family, and through them, to promote the Greek Orthodox Faith and traditions, in accordance with its doctrines, canons, discipline, divine worship, usages and customs;
  • To promote participation in the activities of the Greek Orthodox community, with the cooperation of the Parish Priest and the Parish Council.

The charitable work of the Society shall be performed with discretion, courtesy and kindness.

Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos Board Visits

The Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos Board would love to visit with your chapter and meet your wonderful members!!!  Please fill out the visitation form (click here to get the form) and return it to the Metropolis President, Frances Levas via email or regular mail.  Thank you!!!