Metropolis of Boston Opens the 2006-2007 GOYA Boys and Girls Basketball Season

October 31, 2006 

The day had finally come for Goya basketball players and fans! The leagues, including both boys and girls, consist of more than 16 teams combined and over 250 dedicated players. Plenty of family and friends come to support their teams along with coaches, referees, and scorekeepers who all take part in allowing Goya's basketball Sundays to be fun, safe, fair, and entertaining.

The season successfully began on Sunday, October 22nd bringing very enthusiastic and positive attitudes to the court. Each game traditionally began with a prayer and an exchange of handshakes between players, which will continue to take place throughout the remaining season. A new addition to games includes a shot clock, adding excitement for all the fans and players especially. The games all reflected excellent competition, effort by team members, and good sportsmanship.

The season is off to an admirable start and the community reflects a very optimistic attitude already that practices fun, fellowship, and faith: three very prominent characteristics of this wonderful Goya family. This is, for sure, only the beginning of a very positive, memorable season.