Retreat House Opening on Saturday, September 26


A joyous and historic event will be celebrated on Saturday, September 26 at the Saint Methodios Faith & Hertiage Center of the Metropolis of Boston.  The Official Door Opening of the magnificent Retreat House on the shores of one of the lakes of the Center will take place following the Divine Liturgy in the Chapel of Saint George, another beautiful structure on the grounds.  His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America, His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston, the V. Rev. Sebastian Skordallos, Chief Secretary of the Holy Eparchial Synod of the Archdiocese, all the Clergy of New England and hundreds of faithful will participate in an hisotric event not just for the Metropolis of Boston but for the entire Archdiocese.

The Retreat House will enhance the many and varied ministries and programs of the Metropolis of Boston.  The Faith & Heritage Center is the site of winter and summer camp programs which take place on the picturesque grounds dotted with new cabins donated by the faithful, including one for children with special needs donated by the Niarchos Foundation.  The 40-double bedroom Retreat House which also include two handicapped accessible bedrooms will allow adults of all ages to enjoy programs in a setting where the morning dew awakens one's senses as the sun slowly rises above the trees.  Throughout the Faith & Heritage Center and especially in the Retreat House one can her the voice of God in the distance that echoes across the lake.  One can smell and taste the fresh air in one deep breath.  As day welcomes night, the guests are greeted by the stars across the sky.  As the property has been described by the thousands who have visited during the past years, "this is a place where you can go to find what you are searching for, a place where you feel alive, and suddenly you realize that your search is over."

With the door opening of the Retreat House, another dream of Metropolitan Methodios is realized.  Since he arrived in Boston in 1984, Metropolitan Methodios has wanted to reach our to ALL the faithful---children, teenagers, young adults and adults of all ages, including senior citizens.  At the Retreat House which includes multi-purpose conference rooms, a grand room with stone fireplace, audio visual rooms and many other facilities, the Priests, the members of the Parish Councils and the Philoptochos, Senior Citizens, Catechetical and Greek School Teachers and members of community groups have a place to study and deepen their faith, to become more attuned to Church teachings and the spiritual life, to enjoy the Hellenic Heritage.  The structure has three levels accessible by an elevator donated by the Niarchos Foundation.  This magnificent facility, this beacon of Orthodoxy and Hellenism offers a respite from the myriad pressures that often keep people from a full appreciation of the wonders of the spirit.  And, yes, there is also room for pure fun--wlaks through the woods, paddling on lakes, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball and lots more.