2017 Philoptochos Biennial Conference

The Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos held their Biennial Conference on June 17, 2017 at the Cathedral Center in Brookline.  Greetings and opening remarks were extended by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, Rev. Fr Demetrios Tonias, Cathedral Dean, Calliope Galatis, president of the Annunciation Cathedral Philoptochos and Frances Levas, Metropolis President.

Irene Stefanakos, co-chair welcomed all the delegates and thanked them for their attendance.  Elaine Zetes, co –chair presented the roll call and credentials confirming that there were 20 chapters registered, 38 chapter delegates, 1 National board delegate, 17 Metropolis board delegates and 5 guests.

The newly ordained Rev Fr Ioannis Michaelidies, the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and the Metropolis of Boston Camp updated the delegates on the exciting opportunities for our youth, The Olympiacos Soccer team and the Cosmos Project from Greece and all the youth ministries within our Metropolis. He asked all the Philoptochos delegates in attendance to continuously encourage our youth to get involved.

Paulette Geanacopoulos from the National Philoptochos Office, who is a licensed social worker spoke about the social services and how she vets all clients from within the Archdiocesan District and the Metropolises. There are many people who need a little help to get through the rough spots. 

The business portion of the meeting continued with reports from the president and all the metropoli

s ministries. The financial report was presented along with the 2017-2019 budget which was approved by the delates. 

The election procedures were explained by former president Philippa Condakes.  Elections took place with the following results:

Area 1:     Alexandra Coios Dimou and Cleopatra Tsolas

Area 2:      Athena Kalyvas and Evangelia Stamoulis

Area 3:      Kiki Feldmar and Eleni Stamboulidis

Area 4:     Amy Kalogeropoulos and Irene Stefanakos

Area 5:     Debbie Ciejek and Sharon Konstantinides

Area 6:

Area 7:   Elaine Zetes and Diane Stamatopulos

Area 8:   Stella Kazantas and Elipiniki Mavredakis

Congratulations to the newly elected board. The balance of the Metropolis Board will be appointed by His Eminence in September.

Elaine Zetes presented bouquets of flowers to Calliope Galatis, President of the Annunciation thanking her for her hospitality and to outgoing president Frances Levas thanking her for her leadership. His Eminence spoke about the importance of the Philoptochos and thanksed all the delegates for their commitment.