Metropolis of Boston Camp - March Staff Training


The Metropolis of Boston Camp has been blessed with over 115 staff applicants - young adults who are willing to pour out their heart and energy to make our program the life changing experience that it is! MBC is blessed to be able to offer continuing education and training for its Staff throughout the year. This wonderful long-standing practice allows for Staff to continue to grow in their skill set as youth worker so that they can offer our Campers the best possible experience. 

This past Saturday, March 23, 2019, the St. Demetrios Parish in Weston, MA graciously hosted the Metropolis of Boston Camp for their monthly staff training. Over 35 Staff were present in Weston and another 25 joined via a video conferencing platform. This month’s speaker was Mrs. Kathy Michalatos . Kathy spent many years serving on staff at different Orthodox summer camps and is a firm believer in the mission of our Church's summer camps and the invaluable ministry they provide our youth. She holds a Masters in Education and is a New York State Certified School Counselor. Katherine’s presentation was: “Camper as a Whole: Guiding the Individual in Mind, Body, and Soul - As camp staff we are always greatly aware of the physical safety of our campers while trying to give them the best experience to help them grow spiritually. What about their mental health? What do we do when their state of mind begins to impede on that experience? Our training will focus on equipping us with tools to help us field signs related to mental health issues and how we should respond - all while understanding and being realistic about our limitations.” Kathy offered a wonderful presentation touching on different aspects of mental health and ran an effective workshop which allowed the Staff to practice the techniques offered by the presenter.