This semester is going to be a really exciting one! I am pumped about doing things together and preparing for the resurrection. Listed below is a summary of what I will be talking about in this email, scroll down on information on each one!

1.     February 25th 10AM-4PM- Faith and Learning Symposium

2.     February 27th 12PM-1 PM. Day Of Prayer in Goddard Chapel

3.     February 27th 3PM. Clean Monday Retreat at HC/HC

4.     March 2nd at 7:30 PM. Lenten Dinner

5.     March 3rd 9:30 AM-3PM. Lenten Retreat

6.     March 3rd 6PM-9PM. Triumph of Orthodox Concert and Dinner

7.     April 3rd 8PM – Screening the Passion of The Christ

8.     Lenten Service Schedules

9.     Weekly Meetings

1.     The first thing that I’d like to tell you about is the Saint Photios and Great Faith and Learning Symposium that will be happening Saturday, February 25, 2012 at Hellenic College/Holy Cross from 10 AM to 4PM, the topic this year is Faith and Psychology. If anyone is interested in attending please let me know by Thursday. The Seminarians have generously offered to pick us up at the T at Brookline Village if we are going. I will definitely be attending.  Brunch and refreshments will be provided

2.     The Day of Prayer is a national event on Clean Monday (Monday, February 27th) where OCF chapters will spend in prayer to kick off Great Lent. We will gather in Goddard Chapel at Noon (open block) to pray. The prayer should last a half hour to an hour and I will be putting up fliers across campus in the next few days. Let me know if you are available to help out!

3.     Hellenic College/Holy Cross will be having a retreat on clean Monday, (Monday, February 27th) at 3PM. I have attached the schedule to this email, and yes, I know the flyer is cheesy. There will be some excellent speakers, vespers, and a dinner. Again if anyone is interested in going please let me know!

4.     At our last meeting we had agreed on having a Lenten Meal together on Friday, March 2nd 2012. We will gather at 7:30 at my place, Hillsides 160 to cook a Lenten meal together and spend a good night together! My number is 617-620-5322, please text me when you are at the door and I will let you in.

5.     There will be a Lenten Retreat at Saint Demetrios in Weston on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012. I am happy to inform you that the $25 fee is waived for members of OCF chapters who attend. The Metropolis would like to know how many people would like to go, so please let me know by Sunday night! Again, I will be going, and we can carpool

6.     There will be pan-orthodox vespers and a concert of liturgical music on March 3rd, 2012 at Saint Sava’s Orthodox Church. Vespers begin at 6PM and the Concert will begin at 7PM. The concert will feature HC/HC cantors, and parish choirs from The Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church and Saint Sava’s Serbian Orthodox Church. NO RSVP necessary to the actual event, but please let me know if you are going because I will need to come back to campus to pick you up if you need a ride, as earlier in the day is the retreat in Weston.

7.     We also agreed, last meeting, to screen the Passion of the Christ on April 3rd, a Tuesday during Western Christian Holy Week. I have set the tentative time and place as 8PM at Pearson 104 (The room with the working projector this time). This event will allow us to talk about the Passion and the Resurrection of our Lord, God, and Savior from an Orthodox perspective a little before our own Holy Week! How does our understanding differ from the Western Christian understanding? How does the movie eclipse the glory and the hope of the resurrection? Things to be discussed at this discussion!

8.     Great Lent is a time when our local churches will be having a few more services as per the Orthodox Tradition of increasing prayer when we fast. So I have included Schedules/Addresses of Church Services below. I will be attending services Wednesdays and Fridays at Saint Mary’s Antiochian. Additionally, for Holy Week, I will be attending Services at my home parish in Lowell, MA which is adorned with beautiful, byzantine, mosaic icons (I will send Holy Week Schedules in a few weeks). If anyone would like to come to a few services there with me please let me know! At our next meeting we can decide to go to service as a group!

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