New Publication of The Rev. Fr. George C. Papadimitriou


On Tuesday, January 7, 2020 His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios welcomed Fr. George Papadimitriou to the Metropolis headquarters. Fr. George presented His Eminence with his latest publication "Orthodox Christian Views of Other Religions." His Eminence congratulated Fr. George on yet another publication and commended him for this contribution to dialogue of love and understanding between the different religions of the world. 

Fr. George served as professor of theology and Director of the Library at Hellenic College/Holy Cross for many years. Under his leadership, a new library building was planned and construction was started. As a professional librarian, he introduced computers to the Library. With Presvytera Athanasia, also a professional librarian and cataloger, he undertook the challenge of retrospective cataloging of the entire collection, which was especially difficult because a large portion of the collection is in Greek. Presvytera Athanasia is also the author of Presbytera: The Life, Mission, and Service of the Priest’s Wife.

Fr. George has engaged in dialogue with many different religions and has dealt with inter-confessional and interreligious complexities throughout his ministry. He served on the National Conference of Christians and Jews (and now Muslims), educating and influencing many students in the area of interreligious relations and dialogue and acceptance and tolerance of others. He defended the Orthodox faith in a language that avoids the negative tone of theoretical arguments. In addition to his inter-faith work, he established an expertise on cults and has lectured widely in this area.

This latest publication included a forward from His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Batholomew which read:

"Bartholomew I

Archbishop Constantinople, New Rome 

and Ecumencial Patriarch

There is no doubt that interfaith dialogue and mutual respect among the various religions of our world are increasingly becoming a topic of vital importance for peace within humanity and harmony within our community. 

The Orthodox Church has a long and dedicated history of cultural co-existance and theological exchange with adherents of other religions, particularly Judaism and Islam, with whom the Ecumenical Patriarchate has held formal conversations since the mid-1970s.

Every step toward greater understanding and global solidarity among the diverse faith communities throughout the world contributes toward the overcoming of insecurity and elimination of violence among human beings, who are created by the Lord of all life. 

For this reason, we warmly welcome this latest publication by Protopresbyter George Papadimitriou. 

At the Ecumenical Patriarchate 

Your fervent supplicant before God.