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Metropolis Finance Committee


The Metropolis of Boston Finance Committee’s mission is to work with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese to ensure that the Church, as one body - nationally, regionally, and locally - is fiscally stable and spiritually strong in order to continue the work that our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus requires of us; that is, to save souls.  Our goal is to ensure that our parishes are also strong and embrace this mission so that they can carry out this great obligation at the local level.

The Metropolis of Boston Finance Committee, volunteers from various parishes, meets regularly throughout the year to address and assist our parishes with the ongoing concerns and various issues that may arise.  The members of our team are available to meet with individual parish councils to answer questions, provide guidance, support and assist them with their responsibilities.  Seminars are also planned, during which this committee is available to meet with our local parish leadership. 

On a national level, the team works with the Archdiocese to implement methods of supporting the National Ministries, as approved by the Clergy-Laity Congress. The Finance Committee convenes with their counterparts from other Metropolises at the very least annually to not only review the finance status of our Archdiocese, but to also bring to light the concerns of our local parishes.


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