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The site work and excavation for the Camp
Gymnasium Project Has Begun!  

Contoocook, NH: Good news!   The site work and excavation for the Gymnasium project at our Saint Methodios Faith and Heritage Center has begun!   Metropolitan Methodios visited the camp on Wednesday, August 23, to see first-hand the progress being made.  Our OPM (Owner’s Project Manager), Gordon Bristol, and Mike Sintros met with His Eminence to give him an update.  It was very exciting to see things moving forward!

See the link below for some photos from the first days of construction:

Timelines of the Project: Site work began in earnest on Monday, August 21.  The site work company is now preparing the ground below the building as well as the access road and parking lots for full construction. The preparation of the site should take two to three weeks. On or about September 15 the concrete vendor will arrive and begin the concrete
footings and frost walls for the building.  That process takes about a month. The steel building arrives on or about October 1 and erection commences at once.  We are looking for a fully framed and sided building by December 15 as winter begins.

Our Building Committee has planned to be at this point of construction by the end of the year. We are happy to report that, barring unforeseen circumstances, we shall meet that goal.  We are on time and on budget for this portion of the project. Join Us!

We invite all of our faithful stewards throughout New England and especially the thousands of MBC camp families and alumni to join us in making this dream a reality for our children and grandchildren to enjoy for years to come. To learn more about the project and to donate: www.boston.goarch.org