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We are very excited to announce that the Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos will publish a cookbook!  Recently, His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios suggested that we compile a new cookbook with recipes from each chapter in the Metropolis for a new fundraiser. Many of you may already know that a lenten Metropolis cookbook was published by the Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos in 1996 which was very successful. 

The pandemic has made it very difficult to bring the community together as we would like.  Publishing a cookbook is a wonderful way to support Philoptochos and also have participation from all Chapters in the Metropolis.

You will see from the submission form that we are trying to capture all types of Greek cuisine including the following:

  • Meze/Appetizers
  • Salata/Salad
  • Soupes/Soup
  • Psari/Fish
  • Kreataki & Kotopoulo/Meat & Poultry
  • Nistisima/Lenten (Vegan)
  • Pites
  • Glyka/Desserts
  • Cocktails
  • Prosforo/Artoclasia/Koliva

Submit your favorite, original Greek family recipe