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Is God Enough?

Fr. Luke A. Veronis

Archbishop Anastasios of Albania shares the story about how he made the decision to go as a missionary to Africa back in the 1960s. He was a young, dynamic theologian and deacon in Greece, preparing for his ordination to the priesthood. For the previous decade, he built a reputation as a charismatic preacher who had written much about missions. Now came a critical point in his life. He prepared for ordination and was struggling about whether to serve as a priest in Greece, where he was greatly loved and needed, or to go to Africa as a missionary. He took a month retreat at a monastery on Patmos, praying and seeking after God’s direction. One day, as he reflected on the possible struggles and difficulties that awaited him in Africa, he heard a voice say, “Is God enough?”

He wrestled with these words thinking, “Is God enough? If God is enough, then what are you afraid about? Go to Africa, and face all the difficulties with faith and courage, for God will be enough! If God is not enough then don’t go! But if He is not enough, then what god do you believe in? If God is not enough, then this god is surely NOT the God of the Bible, the God of heaven and earth, the God who performed miracles throughout history! This “god who is not enough” must be some false idol, a tiny god created in your own mind!”

Well, the Archbishop realized that “God is enough” and on the evening after his ordination, he flew to Uganda to begin his cross-cultural ministry that has lasted for the past 60 years!

IS GOD ENOUGH? What a great question to ask ourselves! This past week we celebrated the Ascension of our Lord Jesus into the heavens. He completed His earthly mission. He now commanded His followers to continue His divine mission on earth. He was sending this band of simple men and women into the world to change the world. Surely, they wondered, “Is God enough” for us to faithfully fulfill this mission? And yet He was. He is. And He still is for each us today!

God is enough for us to stay faithful to Him throughout our lives. God is enough for us to face whatever challenges and difficulties life brings with faith and hope. God is enough to shine His light of love and grace to a hurting, confused, and dark world!

Let us remember some Biblical stories about how God is enough: 

Think of Noah building an ark far from any body of sea. How foolish he must have seemed to others. When he began putting every kind of animal in the ark, how people must have ridiculed him. What chance was there that the world would be destroyed by continuous rain and the ark would truly be useful.

And yet, Noah understood that “God is enough.” He  knew that if God wanted to do this, everything was possible! 

Think of Abraham, when he left his family, his land, and his people, to go into a foreign land where he knew no one. Abraham surely had many doubts and uncertainties, yet he knew that wherever he went, GOD IS ENOUGH. 

Think about Abraham and Sarah, when they were close to 100 years old and still childless. They 25 years for the fulfillment of God’s promise. What chance did Abraham and Sarah have to bear children at 100 years old? Yet, Abraham knew that “God is enough” and that all things are possible for Him.

Think about the Israelites enslaved in Egypt for 400 years! When God told Moses to set His people free, what chance did one little man have against the great Egyptian empire? Yet, Moses came to realize that “God is enough”. He learned again and again that God is greater than any earthly empire. God is greater than any enemy. God is greater than any situation! Moses then led the Israelites to freedom and into the promised land.

What about the young shepherd boy, David, facing the military giant Goliath, a warrior whom all the Israelite soldiers feared? What chance of victory did young David have against Goliath? Yet  David believed that “God is enough.” He learned if God is with him, all things are possible. Even invincible giants can be defeated.

Then there’s the example of the Virgin Mary encountering the Archangel Gabriel. How could she understand that a virgin, would give birth to God? What probability did a young maiden have to accept such a great responsibility? Yet she knew that GOD IS ENOUGH, and all things are possible for Him. Thus, she responded, “Here I am, the servant of the Lord. Let it be to me according to your word.”

I can go on about the example of the 12 disciples, after Jesus ascended into heaven. Christ told them to go and share the good news to all nations throughout the world. What chance of success would 12 simple villagers and fishermen have in spreading a message to all parts of the world? Yet, they knew that GOD IS ENOUGH. He would help them achieve this command!

We could continue with so many other examples from the Bible, and throughout the 2000 year history of the Church with all our saints. Again and again we can see how God is enough to inspire simple, faithful people to overcome impossible situations.

What do all these examples have in common? Each of them believed that “GOD IS ENOUGH!” They knew that when “God is with us, all things are possible.” He will care for all our needs.

The main question for us today is whether we believe that “God is enough?” Do we believe He is with us, ready to perform miracles in our own lives?”

During his lifetime, Jesus gave sight to the blind, healed the paralyzed, cleansed the lepers, forgave the sinners, and even raised the dead. Our God is a God of miracles. And if we believe in this God of miracles, then all things are possible! No situation is ever hopeless! No future should ever seem dark! No possibility is ever beyond our reach!

Remember Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Mary, Peter, Paul, the Apostles, and all the saints. These great men and women give us reason to never be afraid, never despair, never lose hope! 

If God is with us, He is enough to handle every situation.

I will conclude with a story about the devil’s deceitful ways.

One day the devil called his demons together for a council of war. They wanted to decide upon the best way to conquer the soul of man. Various proposals were submitted. One demon said, “Let us send war, famine, pestilence and poverty, and drive people to despair.” Another said, “Let us enslave the earth with an oppressive slavery under a wicked tyrant who will show no mercy.” Others offered a variety of suggestions, yet Satan vetoed each one, knowing that God could always overcome any evil with good. 

Finally, one brilliant demon submitted the most fiendish plan of all. “Let us send doubt into the hearts of people, so that they will no longer believe in the sovereignty of God’s power. Let us make people believe that God is not enough. Then we can conquer them easily, for they will no longer have anywhere to turn for help.

Satan smiled and approved this plan at once, and he has been using it ever since with great success.

St. Paul assures us, “that all things work together for good for those who love God.” (Rom 8:28)

Don’t doubt but believe! God has given us the privilege to continue His divine mission on earth! Always remember that whatever struggle, difficulty or challenge we may face, GOD IS ENOUGH!