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Metropolis Parish Council Seminar Resources

All Parish Council Resources

2020-2021 Parish Council Seminar Powerpoint

2019-2020 Parish Council Seminar Powerpoint

2018-2019 Parish Council Seminar Powerpoint

2017-2018 Parish Council Seminar Powerpoint

Parish Council as a Ministry

Parish Leadership - Connecting the Dots

The Parish Council
Parish council members represent their parish and the Orthodox Christian faith. To serve on the parish council is a ministry and those who serve are called to represent Christ to all whom they meet...

The Parish Council in a Ministry Brochure
This brochure is offered to all who serve and to all who may consider serving on the Parish Council.

Parish Council Guide Book
A guidebook for Parish Councils and an Organizational Chart of the GOA

Parish Council Training Video
This video is an education video with the purpose of training current and potential parish council members.

The Parish Council and the Church
Service on the Parish Council is indeed a lay ministry. If we accept that premise, then we must see that service in a larger context than administration. When we look only at administrative...

Parish Council Election Forms and Information for Ratification

Parish Council Resources 

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