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Clean Monday Reflection: Humanity—the Icon of Christ

Clean Monday

We begin once again the great journey of the holy fast—Great Lent—that will lead us to the week of our Lord’s holy passion; His arrest, trial, conviction, cru- cifixion, death, burial, and to His third-day glorious and holy resurrection. The Church in Her wisdom gives us this time each year to assist us in refocusing our attention on the inner and more substantive issues in our life that relate to faith, daily living, spirituality, life and death. During the next several weeks of the Great Fast, let us joyfully embark upon a journey of self-rediscovery. Let our personal journey inward—towards God—enable us to gain the strength and perspective needed to look beyond ourselves and beyond our immediate environments, in order to assist those in need, and bring healing to those who are wounded in our society and through- out this troubled world. May this period of quiet meditation and prayer fill you with the Spirit of God which enables us to accomplish great things.

Father Theodore J. Barbas