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Forgiveness Sunday Clergy Reflection

Today is the last day before Great Lent. This day is dedicated to Forgiveness; from God and from each other. At sunset the Lenten Spring will dawn with a blossom of repentance! The Lenten season is ushered in with the celebration of the Vesper Service. This is a deeply and moving service which proclaims in hymnology the whole meaning of Great Lent… “Turn not your face away from your servant; for I am in distress, I am afflicted. Hear me speedily and hearken to my soul and deliver it! To hear these words filling the church, to hear and understand the objective of Lent is indeed awesome. These words are a mixture of despair and hope, darkness and light in which daily we stand before our God. The bright vestments are put aside, the lights are lowered and we have entered our 40 day journey of Lent. Like the Israelites of the Exodus, we will now travel through the Lenten desert always aware of the radiance of Easter morning in the not too distant horizon. To assist you in your pilgrimage of Great Lent, we, the clergy of the Metropolis of Boston, will offer to you a daily meditation. Our prayer is that this Lenten season is of spiritual enlightenment and growth, Know that your local priest is there to assist you in your faith journey.

May you and your families have a most blessed Lent,

Fr. Dean Panagos

President, Brotherhood of Saint Andrew Clergy

Metropolis of Boston