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Clergy Reflection: Friday Of The Fifth Week

Friday of the Fifth Week

We live in a world of immense religious diversity with a multitude of doctrines of faith. Yet, we proclaim that Jesus is the Way! We don’t say He is one of many ways. We say He is the only Way. This means that we look to Jesus to discover how God acts in the world. Jesus, who is God born among us, exemplifies the Way of God in the world. He has come into the word and in our midst to not only tell us about God but also to demonstrate how God wants us live. On this night in every Orthodox parish, the complete Akathist Hymn is sung to the blessed Mother of God, the Theotokos, who is honored precisely for her understanding that Jesus, her son and her God, was the Way to salvation. If you have never attended this before, you owe it to yourself to experience it. Take advantage of your parish’s worship services, join your voice to the voices of others who still be- lieve that communal prayer and worship builds up not only the whole Body of Christ, but also builds us up individually as well.

Fr. Dean Panagos and Fr. Christopher Stamas