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Clergy Reflection: Friday Of The Second Week

Friday of the Second Week

I am reminded of what I learned in my first year of youth ministry 19 years ago...SILENCE IS GOLDEN! We are so busy with our daily life sched- ules. If we are married with children and the running around that comes with it, there are so many things to do! And what about our work responsibilities? With all this running around, going back and forth, sometimes it is GREAT and NEEDED to sit in SILENCE. Just us and our thoughts....and God! How many of us keep going from one thing to the next without having the chance to stop and listen? Great Lent gives us this break. Our Church gives us these 40 days to have a chance and to really look at who we are and to silently look into ourselves and see if we are being the best Orthodox Christian we can be...should be...are called to be! So today, when you get in the car and you put on the seat belt, don’t put on the radio right away...drive in silence and talk to God. When you get home don’t be quick to put on the TV to watch or to have it on the background...just listen to the beauty of silence and have the opportunity to connect with God!

Fr. Demetri Costarakis