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Clergy Reflection: Monday Of The Fifth Week

Monday of the Fifth Week

Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks? You are headed somewhere and all of a sudden you just say, I can’t do this. This is not where I want to be or where I can be. Has your conscience ever said to you: No, no, no, no...no! Have you ever felt unworthy? Have you ever come before the holy – and just know – Lord, my life is just not where it should be. I am not where I should be. I am unworthy! What I have done is so bad that I have cut myself off from the good and the holy. Does God still want me? Will God forgive me? The answer is yes! This is why Christ has come. This is what God is looking for. He is searching for you. He wants you to come back home. He is what is missing in my life!

Fr. Emanuel S. Chris