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Clergy Reflection: Monday Of The Fourth Week

Monday of the Fourth Week

Saint Paul tells us that the glory which belonged to Christ as the Son of God, He put aside when He assumed our condition. The glory that finally came to Him was a glory He won by a life of obedience to His Father, a life that ended in pain, shame, and death. It was His passion and death that transfigured Him with glory. There is no shortcut to glory. When things are difficult, when the journey seems very long, we need a vision, a glimpse of the glory to which we are called. If we reflect on our lives, and if we are trying to live lives of quality, these glimpses will be granted to us. Let us then beware of going for the quick result, or taking the false shortcut. Let us not settle for the cheap imitation instead of the real thing. Christ took no shortcuts. Neither should we.

Fr. Michael Bird