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Clergy Reflection: Monday Of The Second Week

Monday of the Second Week

St. Paul tells us to “pray constantly”. How can we pray without ceasing when we barely have time to mumble a few prayers before we drop exhausted into bed? The Holy Fathers have given us the an- swer: the Jesus Prayer. The prayer is simple—you do not need special equipment, or special training. You can say it anywhere, at anytime. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me (the prayer has many variations). The secret is to make it a regular part of our prayers, and to let it begin to live within us. Start off repeating the prayer for a few minutes when you get up and when you go to bed. Do it regularly; make it a habit. Say the prayer at a moderate pace and concentrate on the words. Once it becomes part of you, follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and say it whenever you are moved!

Fr. Constantine Newman