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Clergy Reflection: Monday Of The Sixth Week

Monday of the Sixth Week

If we think of the Great Lent as a journey, a trip through the Kingdom where we experience Christ’s life and teaching in a much deeper way, we must also take something for granted: going on a trip requires that we leave our home. I often think of people standing on a platform just waiting for the holy train to pass by. This train, with your priest at the controls, takes everyone who will step off the platform through amazing journey where the life of Christ constantly plays itself out for us to see and hear. Like a ride at an amusement park, this heavenly journey unites all of the passengers in a unique experience, a unifying experience that is not for entertainment but for edification, for building up the minds and hearts of the faithful. Have you stepped off the platform yet? Has this Lent made a difference in your everyday life? Make an appointment this afternoon and ask your priest how you can help his ministry.

Fr. Christopher Stamas