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Clergy Reflection: Sunday Of The Fifth Week

Fifth Sunday, the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

On this day, we remember in a special way a woman that many would probably not think of as being holy or worthy of honor. In fact, if we were to look only at her early life, she would be considered one of the worst members of society.

As a prostitute, she sold herself, she defiled her God -given body with “loose living” and she tore down anyone associated with her. But, like anyone who has ever lived, the divine spark was in her. God’s image could not be tarnished no matter how hard she tried.

Realizing her sinful ways, she had a miraculous experience in Jerusalem when an invisible force would not allow her to enter into the most holy Church of the Resurrection. From that moment on, she changed her ways and lived the rest of her life in the wilderness, praying to God and repenting for her previous life.

We may not be prostitutes or murderers but the sins we commit need forgiveness from God. Today’s message is this: Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand.

Fr. Christopher Stamas