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Clergy Reflection: Thursday Of The Fifth Week

Thursday of the Fifth Week

It is so easy to fall into routine, often without realizing it! Life can become routine and when it does it can lose the joy which life has to offer. Our relationship with the Lord and the Church can also fall into rou- tine. The business of life can bring you to the point of dullness—a life without freshness, enthusiasm and joy. Imagine having the same meal night after night. One would soon find the nearest restaurant to go to just for a change for our taste buds. The same can be true with our spiritual life! We can fall into routine and grow stale in Christ. Break out of the routine! Read the Bible, sing a hymn of praise, fast, receive Holy Communion, go to Confession! These all help break out of the routine and help set our spiritual life in order.

Fr. Dean Panagos