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Clergy Reflection: Wednesday Of The Second Week

Wednesday of the Second Week

You enter the Church and take your pew. You find yourself in an holy environment. Or you are home at a quiet time when you want to pray. Maybe you are in your car and have witnessed an accident and want to offer a prayer. It could be that you see an airplane and want to say a prayer for a safe journey for the passengers. We enter into a conversation with God. This dialogue is the foundation of our relationship with God. For some it is a struggle and yet it is the foundation for our life in Christ. How many are the ways we converse with God? Worship, doxology, thanksgiving, offering, petitions (both earthly and spiritual), contemplation, meditation, and silence. Of all these, silence is the best for our silence is also a conversation as we listen to the meditations of our heart and what God is telling us in our mind and soul. It is in silence we hear the still quiet voice of God. Listen! He is speaking to you.

Rev. Fr. John G. Maheras