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Clergy Reflection: Wednesday Of The Third Week

Wednesday of the Third Week

Most of us have a CPA to keep us financially sound, a lawyer to keep us legal, and a doctor to keep us healthy. But few of us have anyone to assess our spiritual condition. Now that we are in the midst of Great Lent it would be interesting to take a ‘Spiritual Audit.’

Am I content with who I am becoming?

Every day I get one day closer to that person I will ultimately be. Am I satisfied with who this will be? I have learned that one must move from power to wisdom as one grows older. Those who try to hold power too long are often resented. Even parents who try to hold power over their children lose the love of their children. However, when we are able to give up power at the right time and become wise individuals, then we are useful and honored. So ask yourself: Am I moving from power and becoming a person of wisdom?

Fr. Dean Panagos