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Metropolis Youth Basketball League 2023-2024 Awards Banquet

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The Metropolis Youth Basketball League Awards banquet for the 2023-2024 season was a vibrant celebration of talent and community engagement. Gathered at the Annunciation Church in Brockton on March 17th, nearly 300 attendees from 16 teams representing Metropolis parishes came together to commemorate the achievements of the season. Metropolitan Methodios congratulated the teams and stressed the importance of involvement within the represented parishes as he offered Lenten encouragement.
To begin the program, John Condakes, a high school senior from the St. Nectarios Parish of Roslindale, shared about the special place the league holds in his heart after close to a decade of participation. Following this heartfelt testimony, Alexandra Baltas, the league’s first woman commissioner, began the awards presentation honoring individual players and teams for their hard work. The event consisted of recognition of outstanding performances, with Taxiarchae of Watertown claiming first place in the JOY league’s championship, while St. Vasilios of Peabody and St. Spyridon of Worcester secured first place in the GOYA Girls and GOYA Boys divisions, respectively.
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Amidst the awards and accolades, the true essence of the evening shone through in the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie displayed by players and teams alike. As many individual players were honored for their skills and achievements, the event served as a testament to the community fostered within the Metropolis community through the shared love of basketball and commitment to excellence.
The success of the banquet was made possible by the collaborative efforts of the Annunciation parish of Brockton, Fr. Romanos Karanos, the Ladies’ Philoptochos, and Nicole Passias, who led the charge in organizing the event. As the curtains closed on another memorable season, the Metropolis Youth Basketball League awards banquet concluded with hopes for continued growth and success in the seasons to come.

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