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The Feast of St. Methodios Patriarch of Constantinople, June 14,

Nameday of His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston

“A work of Architectural marvel” 

Those are the words with which Metropolitan Methodios described our church as beautified by the Icons of Holy Saints.  He rejoiced at the transformation of the sanctuary and community center.  Dormition of the Virgin Mary has become a positive example of faithful stewardship, thanks to the dedication and hard work of all who love our parish.

This year, we are privileged to celebrate the 40th anniversary of His Eminence’s enthronement as the Bishop of Boston and His service to our beautiful metropolis.  This milestone is a testament to his enduring commitment and a profound reflection of the significant impact he has made on our communities, a service that we deeply respect and admire. His  Eminence was enthroned as the Bishop of Boston in 1984 by Archbishop Iakovos. He has faithfully guided over 60 New England parishes from Vermont to Connecticut for the past four decades.    

     On his name day, June 14th, the Metropolitan presided over the Divine Liturgy commemorating the feast day of Saint Methodios of Constantinople at our beautiful Dormition of the Virgin Mary Church in Somerville, MA, surrounded by more than 40 priests from all over New England.  His Eminence gave thanks that he is blessed to be supported by so many dedicated priests who serve the people of the Metropolis diligently and tirelessly.   After the Liturgy, we offered Artoclasia for the good health of our Spiritual Father and Archbishop Methodios of Boston and for the family members of Stephen Kalivas, who dedicated the Icon of St. Methodios of Constantinople to our Church. St. Methodios is known for defending Iconography during the period of Iconoclasm. 

     His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios often reminds both his priests and spiritual children that, in the modern era of pseudo-sophistication, it is the living Icon of Christ, the human being created in the image of God, that is endangered.   Today, “the religion of God who became man is faced and confronted by men who make themselves god.” We are to stand up against the modern iconoclasm led by those “who know the price of everything but the value of nothing.” “The Icon of Christ is being distorted in human beings in today’s world,” where billions of dollars are spent on weight loss programs and weapons and billions are on the verge of starvation, where the geopolitical race is preferred over the human race. 

Many years to you, Your Eminence.